Zaful review

април 03, 2018

K: Hi everyone. We're doing a review from Zaful. Let's start.

I ordered two things. One set of brushes and one shorts.

The brushes are amazing. They are soft and just perfect.

Link: HERE

The shorts is, as you can see white. I got it in the size L and It's a bit big for me but that's ok
The material is good and I'm sure that I'll wear it often.

Link: HERE

A: I've ordered this shirt. I really like it and it's very comfy. I'll wear it for sure. 

A: Naručila sam ovu majicu. Veoma mi se sviđa i veoma je udobna. Sigurno ću je nositi.


A: And the last thing I've ordered is this necklace. You have 3 in 1 necklace and that's I like it even more. It's kinda cool. 

A: Poslednja stvar koju sam naručila je ogrlica. Imate tri ogrlice u jednu i zato mi se još više sviđa. Kul je.


A,K: Thank you for reading! :)

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